Next Step China Summer Programs for Kids

Next Step China summer programs for kids

Next Step China summer programs for kids to China this summer.

Want to visit China this summer, discover the country and learn Chinese? Here’s your chance to do just that.

Cool activities, Improve your Chinese, Great Staff, Organized and Safe.

Why kids LOVE IT- Here’s what they have to say! 

summer in china

“I can tell how much I’ve grown…I have seen a significant improvement in my Chinese. Before I came to Next Step China, I was nervous. I was like, “It’s in Asia, it’s international, and it’s three weeks totally alone!” But here I am after the end of three weeks, totally calm, cool, and collected.”

– Callie ,14, New York City

“I like them because they had cool activities and chances to travel. I’ve never made dumplings before, so I thought that was really cool. I really feel like I’m doing a lot better in my Chinese. Probably like double what I was learning. It’s one thing to sit with my tutor and learning about how to ask for directions and to actually ask somebody for directions.” – Erin, 11, San Francisco

Read more testimonials here!

The Food

chinese noodle recipe During your trip, you’ll learn how to make delish dumplings & eat traditional Peking Duck. Craving some Chinese food now? Get the recipe for yummy Chinese Noodles written by a Miss O and Friends reporter!

 Want to see all the great activities you’ll get to do? Check out the 3 week itinerary– not only will your Chinese get better, but you’ll get a great feel for the culture- it’s pretty amazing!


For Parents

chinese familyParents, need some convincing? Next Step China has created the following guide to help parents feel comfortable about having their child study abroad in China. Here are some FAQ’s you may have. They have tried to answer most of your questions and concerns.


Read about the whole program and get more info here!


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