Next-gen female entrepreneur

Juliette Brindak, co-founder of Miss O & Friends
Who: Meet Juliette Brindak


Age: 22

The “Miss O” character has come a long way since a 10-year-old Juliette Brindak first sketched her: Brindak’s book series, Miss O and Friends, has sold several hundred thousand copies, and her website,, boasts a quarter of a million members. Given her site’s success, Brindak says she may be appearing on the small screen soon; she’s in talks to participate in a health and wellness show that targets young girls. offers an insulated, supportive space for female tweens. Brindak hopes to provide an open atmosphere that boosts its users self-esteem. Ad sales cover the site’s expenses, including the salaries of two full-time employees. The popularity of MissOandFriends has sparked the interest of several potential buyers, and Brindak is not opposed to the idea of an acquisition, with the hopes of bolstering the MissOandFriends brand internationally. Brindak says such a sale could happen as early as 2012.

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