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New Mom Money Saving Tips

As a new mom you have a lot to get to grips with and even more to look forward to. There are a lot of new things to experience but there are also a number of anxieties that relate to your impending arrival and so the last thing you want to worry about is money. However, there are ways to save the pennies and relieve the financial burden.

Discovering you are pregnant fills you with anticipation and questions, and one of those questions is how you will afford all the things a child needs. However, there are things you can do to make this part of the process a little less stressful.

Saving Money

The easiest thing you can do to make the arrival of your little one more affordable is to save as much as you can before they are born. If you are planning to fall pregnant, start saving now! Otherwise, start putting some money aside as soon as you find out that you are pregnant to provide a financial buffer for when they arrive and you are not working. By putting as much as you can afford into a baby account each week or month you will have a fund to turn to for those unexpected expenses.

Find Freebies

As a new mother, there are many different free samples that you can take advantage of. Many companies will offer you everything from nappies and formula to baby wipes and breastfeeding pads. Whilst individually these freebies and discounts may not seem like much, stocking up on anything being offered can add up. You will be given packs and information on offers by your midwife and hospital, so make sure you use these as they can be handy to have on standby when your little one arrives.

Choosing Your Nappies

When you become a parent you rapidly discover that one of your biggest expenses will be nappies. They can be very expensive and you will go through a vast number of them, so be careful about what you choose. When you survey the choices in a supermarket, you will see that each manufacturer recommends which size of nappy you should choose for the age of your baby. However, changing up is more dependent on your child than the packet, and staying with smaller sizes for as long as possible gives you more nappies per pack. Instead of using age or weight to decide when to change the nappy size, simply look at how the nappy fits on your baby and whether there are any leaks or discomfort.

Keep It Neutral

There is a temptation to buy pink or blue for your baby, but buying neutral can be a money saver. Colours such as white, yellow or green will suit any sex and so can be handed down to future children no matter whether they are the same sex as the older child or not.

Lovely Loans

If friends or family have children of their own then it is likely that they will have a number of baby items gathering dust at home. Items such as clothes, cots, Moses baskets and toys can all be costly, but many people will be happy to let you borrow them.

Readjust Your Budget

Having a baby means you have to readjust a lot of areas of your life, and that includes your budget. Take a look at your monthly spending and see if there are one or two frivolous expenses that you could do without to free up more money for your baby budget.

By paying careful attention to what you spend you make sure that your money goes on the things you really need. When your little one arrives you can be sure that you are adequately kitted out without having to worry about the bank balance.

Katie Eaton is a marketing consultant for Babaloo, an online retailer of clothing and accessories for children of all ages.

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