New Book Highlights the Humorous Side of Fighting Breast Cancer

Conquering Mount Tata, By L.G. Ransom.(PRNewsFoto/Lori Ransom)
Conquering Mount Tata, By L.G. Ransom.(PRNewsFoto/Lori Ransom)

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — There is nothing funny about a diagnosis of breast cancer, which has already affected more than 200,000 women in 2013 alone and is the second leading cause of death among women. However, the new book “Conquering Mount Ta-Ta,” by L.G.Ransom, offers a new twist on traditional self-help books, highlighting the humorous side of even the most terrifying situations.

Author Lori G. Ransom of Gainesville, Virginia, who was diagnosed with invasive ductile breast cancer in 2012, walks the reader through the quirky and often hysterical ups and downs of her journey with cancer. The book begins with the shock of her initial diagnoses and the decision to find the comicality in each stage of treatment, surgery and remission, which she successfully delivers with page turning hilarity.

“Conquering Mount Ta-Ta” doesn’t pretend to offer sage or practical advice for breast cancer treatment; instead it allows the reader to experience the journey through Mrs. Ransom’s eyes and often quirky sense of humor. However, beyond the laughter, it quietly gives the reader a sense of peace and a greater hope for the future. Says Mrs. Ransom: “I was asked over and over by the women around me to write this book and share my story. I’m not saying dealing with cancer is easy; it’s not. But life goes on and beautiful moments still happen. If you allow cancer to destroy the good things in your life, then it wins, and you lose. Living with cancer can be neurotically fast and furious, and if you don’t stop and laugh and enjoy the good stuff going on all around you, you’ll never get those precious minutes back again. However, regardless of any outcome, if you chose to live every beautiful twinkling moment to the fullest, to love, to laugh, and to enjoy life around you, you not only open your heart to that experience, but you become a shining beacon of hope to others around you.”

Conquering Mount Ta-Ta is now available at, Kindle, and by special order at retail booksellers. ISBN-13: 978-1481807494.  

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