Natural Makeup Tips for Tweens

natural makeup tips

Natural makeup tips for tweens

Many young girls ranging from ages 9-11 ask themselves: “When do I start wearing it?” “What do I use?” “How much is too much?” All of these questions are very reasonable, but what many girls don’t realize is that they know all the answers (of course with a little help from a trusted adult). Here are some very natural makeup tips for tweens to pass along to your daughters. Written by a tween girl so this is the real deal!

makeup for tweens

First, consider the reason why you want to wear makeup. Is it because all of your friends wear it? Or because you want to impress someone? Just keep in mind that you should NEVER do anything you are uncomfortable with, even if it’s what everyone else is doing. Once you’ve figured this out, think about what you will wear.

I was allowed to wear makeup at 11, but only mascara, brown eyeliner and a lip gloss. I wore what I was comfortable with. I believe that if you choose to wear makeup, wear only what you need, and a little goes a long way. For example, if you have perfectly clear skin, there is no need for foundation or concealer, as these could potentially ruin your skin. But if you’re not sure, then ask an adult. Also, if you want to wear makeup, be sure you know how to properly remove it, as if you don’t, it could potentially clog your pores, leading to acne problems in the future. Usually, warm water and a facial soap will work just fine, but for the more stubborn types, I recommend a makeup removing wipe (Neutrogena works great!)

To sum things up, if you want to wear makeup then make sure that you’re comfortable with it and its only what you need, make sure its applied properly (ask an adult for help with this one) and make sure it’s removed properly to avoid skin problems.

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Written by forever21luver, Miss O and Friends reporter

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