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Movie Premiere: The Watsons go to Birmingham

It began as a road trip to grandma’s. It became a summer that would change a family and a nation, forever. 

Walden Family Theater has teamedwatsons_lg up with the Hallmark Channel in an effort to bring back the great family programming that you grew up with! The Watsons go to Birmingham, based on the Newbery and Coretta Scott King award winning book by Christopher Paul Curtis.  Tonya Lewis Lee (Spike’s wife) wrote the screenplay and co-produced.   I hope you will considering tuning in with your family to share in the eye-opening journey of the Watson family during a very turbulent time in our nations history, 1963.  It’s on this Friday, September 20th on the Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.  It is rated PG, very sensitively done, and appropriate for ages 7 and up.

But its not a documentary or a civil rights lesson . I’m sure you will all learn something you didn’t learn in Middle school.  Instead, it is a heartwarming story – a story of a family that we can all relate to – as parents, children and as siblings.  It’ll make you laugh, cry and think a little bit.
Walden Family Theater just completed a 10 city Advance Screening tour – most notably in Birmingham and DC where  they assembled their film makers, actors, civil rights leaders and the current Mayor of Birmingham who has taken this small film under his wing and has become an extension of the Walden Family Theater marketing campaign to get all families – black and white – as well as educators and faith leaders – to share this charming and poignant film…AND so that we as citizens are well informed of our nations history – even the ugly parts– and can maybe be inspired to be part of change for the good going forward, in big or small ways.
About the movie: 9-year-old Kenny narrates this heart-warming story about his middle-class African American family, the Watsons of Flint Michigan. When Kenny’s older brother gets in trouble, the whole family heads south to Birmingham to visit Grandma, the one person who can shape him up! What they find in Alabama, however, will leave every member of the family a little bit different.
Check out a sneak peek here! 

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