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A mother daughter scenario – sending money asap, really?


A mother daughter scenario that may happen to you.

Your grown daughter has her wallet stolen losing her photo ID, credit card and cash.  Fortunately it was in her little pouch so the entire contents of her wallet were not stolen too.

She’s leaving on a flight the next day and her one credit card that she still has suddenly doesn’t work! You get a call in the early morning about this with your daughter in a panic, in line at the airport worried she has no money (spent the last $40 on cab fare) and she may miss her plane. You jump up out of bed from of a deep sleep and now have to snap into motherhood to resolve the problem.  What do you do?

Honestly, I feel like a commercial right now. I say “let’s send money through Western Union?” And I get a response like, “What?? Are you crazy?”

woman-moneyThats because the last experience we had was them was a phoney check send by a fictious employer  (another post later for that one). Western Union has gotten such a bad rap over the years with fraud, out dated service and more. I’m about to change your impression about them, right now!

After my daughter calmed down, I was able to convince her that when she lands in her destination she can have a cab driver take her to any Western Union location in the entire state! With a “pick up” number and a photo ID she can collect the money and be on her way. Really? Yes really!

Amazing service, pleasant person on the phone and quick.  In minutes the money was sent.

With all the technology out there, for a small fee you have something that works so simple and easy.

Western Union, you’re back!!


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Hermine Brindak
Hermine's got her pulse on tween and teen girls and the moms who've got them! She co-founded, along with her daughter, a website solely devoted to tween girls called MissOandfriends.com, with the mission to help young girls build self-esteem.

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