Mind Body Techniques

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Being aware of who you are is important on so many levels but more so with the acceptance comes great realizations. When your having a bad day or feeling gloomy and don’t know what to do, you need to know yourself to know how to get you out of that uncomfortable feeling. Something so simple can take you from a crazy 9 to a calm 3 within seconds using mind body techniques.



It could be your breath, a prayer  or a saying that makes you feel good or relaxes you. Closing your eyes to find the center peace, and humming between each breath. Try to focus your attention on this, something simple that only does good, it will then later let you be at a calmer and happier state of mind when you go out with your daily activities. 

mind body techniques


Ever been in a situation where you just want to yell and scream and react so agressive? Have you ever tried to stop before that automatic bomb goes off and breathe for a second? When you allow yourself to breathe it creates your mind to be at peace letting you ‘see things ‘ better. It allows your blood to flow, getting out some of that unwanted adrenalin or anxiety. When you wake up in the morning do deep breaths in and out, starting your day off with a clear fresh mind which will hopefully give you the relaxation to not drop the yelling bomb at someone. 



Everyones thinking if there functioning, but are you really actually thinking? Are you thinking about what your doing, or how your doing it, how your affecting people, how your affecting yourself, what you give, why you do it, what you like, why you like it? Those are basic questions you should have in the back of your head. I don’t want you to be an over thinker, but its very important for people to be aware of themselves, because if you do then it’ll save you many unfortunate experiences. From knowing what environment best comforts you to what qualities you admire in people to anything. Think about yourself and what you do before you do it and ask yourself is this really me? It may help because its defiantly helped me protect myself from bad experiences. You cant guard yourself from every bad situation but you can with the easy ones that happen all around you, all the time.



As hard as it is to think about the positives when your faced with a negative, TRY! You have to be able to think to be optimistic, and need to reflect on your life. Its something that turns into what your grateful for, and being grateful is key because you then appreciate so much more and it does bring happiness. You can’t have a happy life if you can’t appreciate the good in your life right now. That mind set will put you in the position of then finding solutions to your problems obtaining your life desires , much easier with much less anxiety.


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