Make Your Own Makeup Brush Holder

makeup brus holder

Make Your Own Makeup Brush Holder

Want a place to hold your makeup brushes (or paint brushes)? This is a super easy way to hold them and it’s really cute!

Materials: wax paper, mod podge (you can find it at Michael’s craft stores), glitter, nail polish remover & cotton pads, paint brush, butter knife, used candle with clear glass

1. Get a used candle with a clear glass and freeze it overnight or for several hours. Remove all labels.

2. Set out your workspace: put a sheet of wax paper down

3. Crack the remaining candle with a butter knife

4. To get rid of the candle wick holder on the bottom if it hasn’t come off yet, take hot water (be careful!) and pour it inside the candle and swirl around. Now take the knife and use it to take the wick holder out.

5. Clean the inside with the nail polish remover and cotton pads

6. Coat the candle evenly inside with Modge Podge and a paint brush

7. Spread glitter all over the inside of a candle by putting glitter inside and moving around to cover

8. The wax paper will catch all the extra glitter. You can use it to pour back into the container.

9. Let dry! 🙂

Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, happy4cheese.

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