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Make Your Own Cookbook

Make Your Own Cookbook

Make your own cookbook to keep your best recipes efficiently organized. A DIY cookbook also makes for a wonderful homemade gift. Making one is extremely simple too. Here’s how:

1. Collect all of the recipes you want to include in your cookbook.

2. Find an empty photo album with plastic sleeves. You’re going to store the recipe cards in the photo album.

3. Make the recipe cards! Be sure to write out the name of the dish, all the ingredients, materials needed, and the instructions. You can decorate the recipe cards if you want to. If you have pretty stationery or fancy paper, you can glue the recipe cards onto them.

Photo Courtesy: www.livelaughrowe.com

Photo Courtesy: www.livelaughrowe.com

4. Insert the recipe cards into the plastic sleeves of the photo album. Be sure that the recipe cards are properly cut to fit in the sleeves.

5. If the outside of your photo album is plain, you can decorate it. You could paint a design or add stickers. It’s up to you. Have fun!

Now you have a fun DIY cookbook in your hands. Keep it in your kitchen for easy access or wrap it up and gift it to someone you love!

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