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Use this funky belt hanger to stay organized in style with this Craft Of The Day. Unlike other rack-style belt organizers, you can customize this holder to fit your needs — and your style. The rack’s unique shape will act as an accent piece in your bedroom, plus it’s a bonus CUT to finally have somewhere to hold your belt collection. Keep reading for the how-to.


What You’ll Need: 

Wire coat hanger
Strips of fabric (local craft or fabric store)
Hot glue gun

How to Make It: 
1. Bend the hanger to mold it into the U-shape seen in the picture.
2. Using Pliers, squeeze the ends of the coat hanger so they are narrow enough that belts will easily fit over them.
3. Add a tiny bit of glue, using a hot glue gun, to one of the tips you just narrowed with pliers. (Do this carefully!)
4. Begin tightly wrapping the fabric strips around the hanger. Re-apply glue every inch and continue this process all the way around the hanger, making sure to secure the ends of the strips with glue. Just let it sit for a bit and enjoy!

Source:  Nicole Guzzardi

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