Make a Snow Globe

snow globe

What you will need:

One small clear glass jar glitter water light karo/corn syrup small figurine (or soemthing to go in the snow globe) hot glue optinal: food coloring

Lets get started! First open the jar and put enough glitter to cover the inside of the lid. dump this glitter into a bowl to use later.

Now hot glue your figure on the lid so that it stands up if the lid is upside down. Let it dry for about an hour so it wont fall.


Fill your jar up with water and add the glitter * an eggshell ground up to fine peices can also be used *. make sure you fill it up to where those lines on the jar are.

now is the time to add food coloring if you choose to do so. i reccommend one or two drops. Now tightly place your lid on the jar. shake it up (over the sink just in case) and see if you want to add more glitter. once you have either added more glitter or decided it is fine hot glue your lid to the jar. Voila!

Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, sugarlips23.

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