Looksi Pups – bringing a whole new dimension to playtime!

Looksi Pups

I’d like to introduce you to Looksi Pups, the world’s first virtual pet that appears in 3D inside its very own kennel. Using the specially designed Looksi Kennel and an engaging iPhone app, Looksi Pups does everything a real dog does.


To bring your pup to life, you simply pop, load, snap and slide!

– POP the two halves of the device tray open
– LOAD your iPhone or iPod touch into one half of the device tray. The tray works with iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5, and iPod touch 4g and 5g.
– SNAP the other half of the device tray over your phone ensuring both halves of the tray ‘click’ together.
– SLIDE your phone into the back of your kennel with the screen facing down. The device tray will ‘click’ into the kennel, giving you audible feedback that the device is secure and positioned correctly.

Using mirrors reflecting the iPhone screen, your puppy will appear in lifelike 3D ready to play games, learn new tricks and even dress up in his favourite white top hat.

As kids are growing up faster these days and rejecting physical toys in favour of the physically flat digital experience offered by smart devices, we feel Looksi Pups is literally bringing a whole new dimension to playtime.

We would love to hear parents reaction to our product and would be thrilled if you choose to feature Looksi Pups.

Please get in touch if you have any questions – victoria@looksipups.com

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