Leafy Greens – Essential For Your Diet

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens – Essential For Your Diet

Get to know four nutritious leafy greens that deserve a spot in your diet!


Kale definitely has a chewier taste, butkale.jpg these leafy greens are delicious, especially mixed with other vegetables and some dressing in a kale salad! Kale juice is also great to kick start your day and give you the energy and nutrition that you need! Yum!






Popeye is VERY passionate about spinach—and there is a good reason for it! These delicious and nutritious leafy greens can be eaten raw or cooked, although studies have shown that cooked spinach makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients. The best combination is cooked spinach with carrots. Mmmmmm.




Whether you are eating purple or green cabbage, it’s still a great pack of leafy greens to add to any meal! Serve it as a side, in a salad, or even when you make delicious stir-fry! Cabbage can be used as an ingredient in any meal!





You might have had to fight with your kids to eat it at first, but broccoli is actually a pretty tasty vegetable! When raw, dip broccoli in some dip. Or, cook broccoli and eat it as a healthy side option with your dinner!




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