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Pop stars in their 60s are dominating the concert scene
It’s age before beauty in music these days. Over the past few months, stars well into their 60s and 70s have dominated the concert scene like never before, pushing out nearly anyone more dewy or new. The result has created a growing chorus of grumbling …
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Rain check – South Korean star gets dressing down over hat
SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean singer-actor Rain has been given a dressing down for going out with South Korea’s sweetheart, Kim Tae-hee, while on compulsory military service – but without his army hat. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said on …
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Castlehill Primary pop stars the Kool Dudes hit all the right notes
A group of grateful youngsters from Castlehill Primary got to be pop stars recently – performing, recording and even shooting a DVD. The kids – known as the Kool Dudes – have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attend the school’s language and …
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