Lacrosse or field hockey? Which is safer?


Lacrosse or Field Hockey? Which is safer?

Dr. Daniel Green- Orthopedic Surgeon

We are so excited to bring you, Dr. Daniel Green, orthopedic surgeon from Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, sharing some of his expert advice on Sports Medicine and what to expect when your daughter starts playing after school sports.

We’ll be bringing you a variety of questions and answers he has provided to us, but feel free to ask him a few of your own! We’ll get him right on it!!

Here’s the first question!

My daughter wants to start playing lacrosse or field hockey. Which is safer? Is it really safe for them not to be wearing protective head equipment?


Common injuries in field hockey are often facial injuries due to accidental contact with the ball or stick, and ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries. Concussions are also something to watch out for. Lacrosse has very similar injury patterns, with a lot of players reporting ankle and knee ligament strains due to cutting and dodging. In one study, 21% of the injuries in girls’ lacrosse were ankle injuries, and knee injuries were the leading cause of lost game and practice time. Concussions can occur in both sports, and if someone has suffered a collision, they must be evaluated and cleared by a specialist before returning to play.

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