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Tika is just like you, except she lives in an orphanage in India along with seventy other kids. Tika’s life changed drastically when her father left her mother. Her mother had to start working too many hours and made too little money in order to take care of her daughter, so Tika was sent to the Ashirvad orphanage, which was the best chance for Tika to be fed and sent to school.


Although Tika still misses her mother and father, she is very content at the Ashirvad home. Living in the same room with all of your closest girlfriends is really fun, kind of like summer camp all the time! The other children and her caretakers have become her family, and she is grateful that she has the opportunity to go to school. And Tika loves to play with the seven dogs at the home (including one Dalmatian, two German Shepherds, and a Yellow Lab) who have become her own. Tika dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. In order to achieve her dream, she must attend and do well in school.

School is not free in India, but we at Kitechild are creating a Chicken Farm where Tika’s home will sell chickens and eggs in the market to help pay for Tika’s education as well as that of her ‘brothers and sisters’ at the orphanage. You can get involved along with other Miss O followers and support Tika’s education by helping raise money for our farm. You can set up a lemonade stand, hold a bake sale – even giving $5 out of your allowance will make a huge difference. Show Tika that there are other girls in the world who are just like her, who want her to keep believing in her dream.

Support Tika

Want to connect with Tika? Write her a letter and mail it to Kitechild:
8252 ½ Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite A
West Hollywood CA 90046

We’ll make sure your letter gets all the way to Tika. Make sure to include a return address so she can write you back! For you tech savvy users, email Tika at, and we’ll forward it to her home! Please review our privacy policy before sending an email. Must be over 13 years of age or have parental consent.


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