Keep Your Kid Safe at the Pool

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Families that have a pool in their backyard may feel privileged during the hot summer days. However, most parents worry for their children when they are at the pool, which is pretty normal. If you have a pool, even an inflatable one, you must make sure that you follow the necessary safety rules in order to have some piece and quiet and be calm when it comes to your children safety.

All of these rules are also true when you don’t have a pool at home and are planning to visit a place where there is one. The risks in these cases come mainly from the fact that your child won’t be aware of the specific features of the pool and won’t know what to do in order to keep themselves safe.

So, if you you haven’t gone to a place where there is a pool yet, you probably have planned this already. And if you are taking your children with you, then you need to be very careful about things such as hygiene, cleanliness and safety. Remember that even the water in the pool looks crystal clear and smells of chlorine, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily clean. Apart from that, there are some simple rules that you need to follow when at the pool with your kids:

  • Always watch your child while playing at the pool, even if it is quite shallow. Young children can drown even in a few inches of water, if they fall on their face in it (for example, after a head injury or trauma).

  • Do not allow your children to run around the pool.

  • If your pool is inflatable, consider deflating it periodically if you don’t use it daily. This way you won’t have to worry about your kids’ safety.

  • Clean the bottom of the

    pool regularly and use all the necessary detergents in order to maintain it clean. Otherwise the place may become slippery and your child may become unstable, which on the other hand may lead to injuries.

  • If possible, enclose the pool with a high fence, or at least, higher that your kids’ height in order to prevent any problems. A good idea is also put a lock on the fence to avoid any uncontrolled “visits” of the pool by the kids when you are not around. This way you will fully control the access to the pool.

  • When you don’t use the pool, put a net above, or if possible, some kind of a lid. This will help you prevent any accidental falls of your children and your pets.

  • If your pool has a hard edge and is above the ground, remember to remove the ladder that you usually use to get there in order to restrict any physical access to it without your supervision.

  • If there is only one door of your house that leads to the pool, put a sound alarm or a little bell in order to hear every time when the door is opened. That is how you will potentially lower the risks of any young “fugitives” that are headed to the pool without your permission.

  • If your pool is large in lies in the ground, then it is more likely to be equipped with adequate drainage and cleaning system. Do not forget to secure all entrances to the drains in order to prevent any accidents with your children.

  • If your child is missing or you can’t find them anywhere, remember always to check the pool first. Every second counts in order to prevent death or permanent injuries. Always keep some equipment by the pool.


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  1. Miss O Moms

    This is great advice if you have a pool in your backyard or if you go to pools a lot. They are a fun place for kids to play, but can be dangerous too. Safety is so important to protect both your child and their friends while splashing around in a pool. Thanks for writing this article for us!

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