It’s your business- Run it: Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak

When she was in her teens, Juliette Brindak used her childhood drawings to launch Miss O and Friends, a website where middle school girls can share their ideas and connect with one another. The site promotes positive self-esteem by engaging girls to create content and voice their point-of-view. There are many girl interns learning different aspects of building a business, creating a website, keeping new content on the site and advising other girl members on all different topics. A perfect place for girls between the ages 8-15 to play and socialize.

This video was taken from the Girls Scouts of America’s interview with Juliette. They are running a series about girl entrepreneurs and how being a Girl Scout helped them later on in life.

I too, was a Girl Scout, many years ago, and loved it!

~ Hermine

Click to the Miss O and Friends website here!

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