Iphone Cover

You don’t have a cover for your iPhone? now you can make a cover with this craft project.

This is what you will need:il_fullxfull.333270109

clothes (pink and white is great)

decorations like stickers, silk flowers, glitters etc
glue (white)

scissor, needle, threads (similar)(if you know how to sew.if not ask your parents)

marker (if pink pink marker)

So you have the things you need so let’s start

1. take your iPhone and set it in the cloth.then take the marker and mark around your iphone.

2. now cut the cloth for front

3. cut again for back

4. now sew it

5. cut the cloth for cover.then sew it.

6. add glue, decorate it or embroider. Have fun…..tada!!! you’re done Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member,¬†white-angel2000.

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