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Article by Joshua Nyamache

What are family get-togethers? There are those who term them as family meetings while others call them family reunion. Whichever name seems appropriate for you I cannot emphasize enough how important they are but I am going to list its importance and elaborate a little. It is a dream for every person to have a happy family, unfortunately this isn’t achieved easily.

What is your description of a happy family? Does it mean the absence of challenges? For me I describe a happy family as the one with siblings who are loyal to one another, they shoulder one another’s burdens by coming up with solutions of day to day problems facing the family. To conclude, a happy family is the one that love prevails which makes all family members to be united. When united many things are achieved and the family progress snowballs.

What are family get-togethers, you ask? When members of a family organize to meet (not necessary in their home) so as to enjoy one another’s company and carry out some activities together as a family then this is what is termed as a family get-together. These days people are busy, children could be staying in far distances from their parents due to education or work. They never get to see one another and the only way of making them to be together for a few hours or even days is holding a family get-together.

Importance of Family Get-Togethers

1.) Knowing Each Other

The family starts as a nuclear family, gradually it grows to an extended family. Family get-together will help family members to know one another. Children will know their grandparents (that is if grandparents are still alive). Children will also know their cousins, uncles and aunts. Grandparents will also get a chance of seeing their children and grandchildren. The uncles and aunts also interact with their nephews and nieces. These also helps sister in-laws to enjoy the company of one another and knowing each other.

2.) Solving Problems

There is no family without challenges which pose as problems. During family get-togethers, family members will discuss these problems which at times makes parents to be depressed. They’ll come up with solutions. When children come together and solve such problems their parents are relieved. When it comes to solving problems, family members should put aside their personal differences. What is said should not be taken personal.

Each member of the family

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