IMAN Cosmetics Launches Digital Beauty Advisor

Introducing Find Your Shade Scannable QR Code for Smart Phones

NEW YORK, March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — IMAN Cosmetics, the leader in cosmetics for women with skin of color, is joining the crew of beauty brands who are introducing tech-savvy applications for smart phones with the new “Find Your Shade” scannable QR code.  The latest in technology in digital marketing, the easy-to-use code allow consumers anywhere in the world access to the “Find Your Shade” guide with one-touch of their cellular device. 

IMAN Cosmetics has dedicated time and research into developing a useful and unique code that maximizes consumers’ shopping experience and eliminates the hassle of navigating an entire website while in-store. Beginning in the first quarter of 2012 QR codes will be added to IMAN Cosmetics cartons in the foundation and powder categories. Treated as a digital advisor, this application allows consumers to scan the package and immediately select their personalized shades of foundation and powder, as well as other complimentary IMAN products that match their skin tone.

The code will also be added to online advertising, promotional materials and select in-store collateral and signage for potential shoppers. The code is optimized visually for a small space device and with a few touches of the device’s screen, they are guided directly to their skin tone and given easy-to-view selection advice that takes the guess-work out of their shopping experience.

“We respect and appreciate that our loyal consumers are time-pressed and looking for a simple and pleasant shopping experience.   As we see a major increase in online shopping, it is crucial we meet the demands of our tech-savvy consumers,” says Desiree Reid, General Manager and Senior VP of Brand Development for IMAN Cosmetics.  “Find Your Shade takes the guesswork out of what can be an overwhelming task for many women.  While we’re not the first beauty company to join the digital wave of QR codes, I’m confident the tool we have developed is incredibly useful and relevant to the modern day woman.”

IMAN Cosmetics looks forward to further development of their mobile Beauty Advisor to enhance the overall shopping experience and remains a competitive force in the digital beauty arena.


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