How do you get rid of eczema?


There seems to be an ongoing problem and I’ve been to so many dermatologists about it and nothing works. I’m hearing that it might be a gluten or wheat product issue now.

Can anyone offer any insight into getting rid of eczema? Food intolerance caused or stress related? Please help!

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  1. mrserenity

    Figure out the best possible resolution of all your skin related problems, various pictures at who truly understands the pain you are going through.

  2. Anea

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Lani Lazarri, a now 17 year old who at the age of 11 developed an all-natural scrub to address her lifelong struggle with eczema. I passed on a sample to a client who at 14, had such terrible eczema on her arms that she would rarely wear sleeveless shirts, even in the summer. Two weeks after using Lani’s Simple Sugars scrub, she bounced into the room with a tank top on, excited to tell me how well the product had worked. I’d highly recommend you give it a try. You can find it at

    Best of luck.

    1. admin

      I have a few friends who suffer from eczema. I will pass this site along to them. Thanks!

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