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Holiday Gift Giving Tips

Holiday Gift Giving Tips

wrapping pretty boxes, holiday gift giving tipsHappy Holidays! It’s the holiday gift-giving season again. And we all are looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. The task is never easy though. If you haven’t found a gift for your loved one yet, here are a few tips to help you search for the perfect gift for your loved one.

1- Put yourself in the gift-receiver’s shoes
This is the first step. Don’t choose the type of gift that “you think” the recipient may want or need. Instead, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and think about the type of gift that they will most likely buy for themselves. This will make the buying process less time-consuming and keep you from buying stuff that is not needed by the recipient.

2- Desirable vs Practical gifts
We tend to think that fancier or unique gifts will make the recipient happy. This may not work all the time. As a gift-giver you may choose something that’s more desirable rather than practical.
A study published in Journal of Consumer Research says that when choosing gifts, the giver tend to choose fancier items that are more desirable because they think it will show the recipient that they care about them. The authors illustrate this with an example of a person buying a restaurant gift certificate for a friend. Let’s say that the gift-giver has to choose between a fancy restaurant that is an hour’s drive away and an average-rated restaurant that is no more than five minutes away. Although the gift-giver may choose the fancier restaurant, the receiver is more likely to settle for the second option which is more practical.

3- Are you buying a gift or a life experience?

Gifts are a great way to show that you care but memories are priceless! Researchers have shown that spending on experience-based purchases bring us more pleasure than material goods. So, it’s probably a good time to ditch those clothing, accessories, or jewelry ideas and buy concert tickets or ski passes for your loved ones. If you can’t help but give your loved one a tangible gift, try to think of experiential-products which though tangible are far more engaging in the way they are used. Research finds that books, video games, musical instruments, and sports goods offer the same level of happiness as a life experience. So, this holiday try giving your loved one a life experience rather than a tangible item.

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