Holiday Fitness and Beauty Guide

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The holiday season is upon us and that means food, family and fun. A holiday fitness and beauty guide by It Works! Global, a consumer lifestyle products company, wants to help you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest with these eight tips:

1. There is plenty of food on the table, so don’t let your eyes trick your stomach. Take smaller portions and, if needed, take a break before coming back for seconds.

2. With the holidays often taking up a considerable amount of personal time, It Works! Wrap wearers can enjoy the season stress-free, knowing that while they travel, shop and prepare festive meals, they can maintain their in-shape appearance and look their best in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.


3. Dry skin is often a problem this time of year. Don’t forget to moisturize throughout the day, especially your hands and face.

4. Stress can often run rampant during the holidays, especially as you spend time with family. Grab a eucalyptus-scented candle or spray to help you relax.

5. Keep up your normal workout routine; don’t let the holidays interfere with your exercise. Invite your family to join you in a brisk walk or jog after dinner.

6. Drink lots of water. Although you won’t be soaking in the sun, water will help keep you hydrated, especially with the variety of drinks available this time of year. Water will also help minimize excess eating.

7. Wear layers correctly – you don’t want lots of warm layers to add bulk to your frame. Add a silk undershirt or bottoms to help insulate yourself while still looking great.

8. Sing and dance, even just at home as you are getting ready. It will energize you and can leave you feeling more confident and happy.

The most important thing to remember this holiday season: Be yourself.

Source: PRNews

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