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Keeping Cyber Success in Site

I’d like to share with all of you an article that came out this month in May’s Shape Magazine about my daughter, Juliette and myself. Over the last 7 years we have worked to create a site for young girls that is fun, creative, educational, inspiring, social and safe! After reading this article, I only hope you will check it out and have your daughter or girl you may know between the ages of 8-16, take a spin on it, www.missoandfriends.com. They might actually like it! Moms, you may too.

About Hermine

Established Miss O & Friends, a site for girls & Moms with Girls, a place for moms to connect. With her pulse on the girl market, she connects thousands of girls every day, helping girls to build self-esteem by empowering them to contribute, maintaining the authenticity of the sites.

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