Help Your Children Get Along

You love when your children get along.

You hate when they don’t. Here are a few tips to ease the household drama by helping your children get along. Share these tips with your kids!

Stay Calm

When a sibling does something annoying, like borrowing your clothes without asking, your first instinct is to fly off the handle. But no matter how angry you feel, remain calm when you confront your sibling. Let them know you are upset, but listen to their side of the story. Talking it out usually produces solutions that satisfy both parties: your sister can borrow your clothes, but she has to ask you first.

Lay Out Ground Rules

Miscommunication is the root of many sibling problems. End this by telling each other your pet peeves and laying out some ground rules. For example, your brother agrees not to play music while you’re doing your homework, and you agree not to hang around while his friends are over.

Do Something Nice for Them

Show your sibling some love by doing something nice for them every once in a while. Even something little can brighten your sibling’s day. Complement your sister on acing her test, or cheer on your brother at his big game.

Were these tips helpful? What other tips do you have to get along with your siblings?

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