How do the Modern Learning Methods help the Kids with ADHD Symptoms?

Do your kids have an odd feeling in the standard learning environment? Do they have problem in focusing on their study?

You can find their grades, not reflecting their everyday learning process. They are kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and they need special instructions to solve their problems. Let us now see how modern pre-school and school environment can cooperate with these kids.

Only the trained teachers have the potentials of managing the ADHD kids. While the teachers do not know about it, they would mistakenly think ADHD symptoms as the intentionally bad behavior. Thus, one of the most important steps is to train the teachers to identify the symptoms. It would enable the teachers to apply the right tricks and make a difference to the learning method.

Find an innovative way of testing the children

The best pre-schools and schools have chosen a unique way of testing the knowledge of their students. The gifted children and the kids with ADHD symptoms face challenges in the learning process. The IQ level of these kids may be high. However, they cannot prove it on their tests due to their weak working memory and slower processing speed. The lower grades affect the self-esteem of the kids.

The modern teachers are finding out ADHD-friendly testing methods. Multiple-choice questions, true/false, dioramas and collages are some of the innovative methods. These things will help in jogging the memory of the kids. The teachers let the kids use spell-checker, dictionary, word processor, calculator and timer.

Alternative seating styles

The teachers in the best preschools play a role in assigning the seats to the kids.  The kids with ADHD have to sit at the front row and away from the windows. In some classes, there are beanbags, enabling the students to find a quiet site.

Refining the way of assigning homework

The moms of ADHD affected children complain- My kids take a very long time for finishing their homework.

The trained teachers modify their homework assignment style for covering the major concepts in the minimal number of pages. The kids must not take more than half an hour for doing homework. The never-ending piles of homework can cause the kids to struggle with it. This is not a right technique for any child, including the ones, affected with ADHD. Moreover, the ideal teachers do not punish the students for not doing the homework properly.

Smart and creative scheduling

Creative scheduling that alternates low-energy and high-energy lessons is one of the best options. For instance, a creative writing period, followed by a music class would turn out an amazing result. However, there must be short lessons with a number of breaks. Some teachers also integrate jogging class and body movement classes to optimizing the learning process ADHD students.

How Montessori schools manages ADHD kids

The kids find tactile spaces in their Montessori classrooms. They do everything by touching the objects. Moreover, Montessori teaching methods focus highly on the motor development of the kids. ADHD kids would be able to use the body. That is why they feel good with this environment. Individualized instructions in the Montessori classrooms also prevents ADHD symptoms from affecting your kids. The individualized attention develop some inhibiting forces, based on the concentration and discipline.

Now, we can conclude that the kids with ADHD symptoms have lack of imagination. They have behavior and attention difficulties. However, with the right teaching technique, they can overcome these problems. You can look for the best pre-schools in Singapore to help your kids in finding the proper educational environment.


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