Healthy Lunch Ideas –Feeding Diabetic Kids Can Be Simple!

Diabetic children are very restricted when it comes to eating. The problem is not variety; rather it’s the parent’s fear that the food a child consumes will help their health. Today, there are tons of diabetic friendly foods for your healthy lunch ideas for school and home.

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The key to developing a healthy diet plan for diabetic kids is to educate them about the various foods they eat. The consumption of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fats should be balanced according to doctor guidelines. Doctors usually recommend 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein intake. Parents generally monitor intake by counting nutrients or use other methods to maintain the child’s sugar level. Most diabetic children have their lunches prepared at home. There are numerous prepared lunch kits available for children with diabetes are ready to cook, but many are full of fat and salt. And you don’t usually have control over the ingredients and their quality. So, it’s better to prepare lunch for kids at home.

When deciding what lunch to prepare for your children, try to incorporate a variety of foods. A balanced diet should comprise of whole wheat bread, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. A physician or dietitian will help with healthy recommendations, ideas and let you know how to monitor your child’s carbohydrate intake. When shopping for the diet of diabetic kids allow them to tag them along. Be sure to read the labels and make sure they pay attention to your habits of being selective about foods based on nutrition value and ingredients. Make sure that you watch the nutritional value of different products as even though they might be low fat, the calories might be high. Again, there are foods that have added sugar for taste so avoid those products. For diabetic kids develop your own diabetic-friendly lunch kit. You can cut cubes of low-fat cheese and cooked chicken with baby carrots. Serve these with whole wheat crackers and low fat milk.


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