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  • 4-Week Get-Back-in-Shape Workout

    Follow this walking plan to break out of your no-exercise slump. By Christine Mattheis   Winter weather may have left you frozen to your couch, but don’t let the hi...

  • Girl of the Moment: Olympicdreamer

    Check out our latest GOTM. Enter here to become the next one! Meet our newest “Girl of the Moment” contest winner! She’s awesome! Gives all of herself to help others. Te...

  • Get More Out of Your Workout

    Get More Out of Your Workout Interval training may help you get more out of your exercise routine. It’s a way to exercise by switching back and forth from short bursts o...

How To Find Joy In Exercise And Fitness

exercise, fitness, running

Finding joy in exercise and fitness. Exercising and working out is not the best things one can look forward to. Basically, it is not what our bodies ask for and ...

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Triathlon Training Plans for your first race

triathlon training

Triathlon Training Plans The thought of getting ready for a short triathlon can be a daunting prospect for the average athlete. Brendon Downey explains some of the key points to ...

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TRX Suspension Workouts for Women

TRX Suspension Workouts TRX. Three letters. So many possibilities. TRX Suspension workouts are popping up everywhere and they have women like Folsom’s Nancy Sbisa saying, “I feel stronger than I’ve felt in ...

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7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

speed up metabolism

Speed up your metabolism with these tips. Sad truth: Your metabolism starts to stall in your 30s. But don’t stress (it ages you!). Here’s how you can speed up your ...

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Working Out and Not Losing Weight?

losing weight

Feel like you’ve been exercising for eternity but still not losing weight? You’re doing it wrong. Personal trainer Nardia Norman, author of “Fat Attack: The Secrets Behind The World’s Biggest ...

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Running Rules from Olympian Ryan Hall


Running Rules from Olympian Ryan Hall The U.S. marathoner breaks down which running rules to follow—and which to break By Caitlin Carlson Photo By ASICS America If you’re a runner, ...

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Exercise. It Really Works

losing weight

Exercise. It Really Works Exercise helps relieve stress. That’s what everyone tell me. After going through some very tough times, I think it actually works. So I’ve been unemployed for ...

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Yoga Basics For Beginners to De-Stress

easy yoga poses

Need to De-Stress? Try some Yoga basics for beginners starting with the Healing Sun Salutation. Not only will it help you to de-stress by definitely help you with achieving flat abs ...

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