Halloween Trick or Treat: How to keep your child from overindulging

Halloween candy

Halloween Trick or Treat

According to a survey by National Retail Federation, US consumers are estimated to spend $7.4 billion this holiday season. An estimated $2.2 billion is expected to be spent on candy alone. Moreover, among the many activities consumers have planned for the holiday, topping the list is giving out candy. Yes, 71.1% of the survey participants admitted they plann to hand out candy. This sounds like a really sweet Halloween!Halloween trick or treat

While children like to spend the holidays having fun and enjoying sweet treats, overindulging is just as bad. There are some precautionary measures parents need to take to make sure their kids enjoy candy in moderation. We have collected a few tips from health experts to help control your kids’ candy consumption this Halloween.

1. Don’t let your kids trick-or-treat on empty stomach
Make sure your kids are well-fed before trick-or-treating. This way, they won’t get hungry halfway and are less likely to eat candy on their way home. You may want to feed your child something they can’t say no too! – (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)

2. Limit the number of homes your kids can visit
Allow your child to visit 2-3 blocks for trick-or-treating. This will ensure that your child brings a manageable load of sweet treats. And this way the treats will most likely come from neighbors and friends. – (Nutrition Specialist Janis G. Hunter and Prof. Katherine L Cason, Clemson University)

3. Don’t let your child have treats until you have checked them
Once your kid is back from trick-or-treating, you can go through the treats and put some aside for later use. Don’t let your child eat sweet treats that are high in calories, appear unwrapped, or look suspicious in anyway. – (Ken Haller, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Saint Louis University)

4. Happiness is real when shared
A good way to reduce your children’s load of sweet treats is by asking them to share it with those who don’t have or are less fortunate. After all, true happiness lies in giving. – (Ken Haller, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Saint Louis University)

5. Buy your child a new toothbrush
While you’re busy shopping for Halloween, you might as well buy your child a new toothbrush. Halloween is the right time to remind your kid how important it is to develop healthy dental habits. You must make sure your kids brush their teeth daily during holidays. – (Ken Haller, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Saint Louis University)

6. Pick healthy alternatives when giving out treats
If you plan to give out treats try choosing healthy options. Experts suggest healthier food choices such as cereal bars, packets of dried fruits, mini boxes of raisins or chocolate covered raisins, packets of low-fat crackers with cheese, trail mix, juice drinks, fig cookies, jello with fruit etc. – (Nutrition Specialist Janis G. Hunter and Prof. Katherine L Cason, Clemson University)

If you have some great tips to add, do share with us. Have a sweet Halloween!!

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