Guide to Maintaining Friendships

We came across a short video about making and maintaining friendships. It’s not just texting and online communication. It’s about actually making a live connection. We sometimes forget how important a conversation really is. Take a look! Worth a few minutes of your time to watch.

Need more advice on friendships, click here!

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  1. pokelover02

    That is so sweet <3

  2. pokelover02

    You’re not stupid or boring. Maybe the friends you made were just in-class acquaintances and weren’t your real friends to begin with. Being close friends with someone means doing more than just hanging out at school. It’s a commitment.

  3. Kiba Snowpaw

    the best Friend i have is the complete Opposite of me and vi are really good friends because we accept each other’s different i think that the most importen is if you can accept your friend different and he is how he is and we dont allways agree each other’s opinions but we never try to convince the other what is right or not but only give opinions and accepts those opinions as they are

  4. Jennifer Hawkins

    Is there a way for older people to connect beyond volunteering or church? Those aren’t options for everyone.

  5. KittyMeowMeowww

    Wow I love your videos especially the girl puberty one lol but Im 11 and I want a friend but she seems kinda mean and i like making new friends what should i do?

  6. Sarah Vittrup

    this video is so amazing, the thing i’m most scared about in life is losing my best friends, especially one of them whom just changed school a month ago, and i really would do anything to keep contact to her. thanks wellcast <3

  7. veggiespykidz

    You should do a how to make new friends

  8. Sophia Bexy

    How to make new friends

  9. Gerbil Crafter

    How to make new friends plz

  10. Gerbil Crafter

    And how to stop being shy plz too
    You guys ROCK

  11. fluteloverx

    she was requesting a video about it… so i hope you’ll make one, or if there already is can you tell us what’s the title of it

  12. Vkrispies

    i am having that problem my self

  13. imma randomgurl

    Can you do a video about how to make new friends?

  14. PortalGaming123

    Hi… I’m starting middle school and my BFF is amazing. She’s good at making friends and super pretty… She’s now got a boyfriend and she’s stopped hanging out with me outside of school. On the weekend she arranged to hang out with some friends for a sleepover but she didn’t even ask me. I can’t help feeling a bit upset and lonely. She’s not being mean-t’s like she’s unconsciously doing this. We never fight… But I found out all the boys in my class like her… even my crush! What should I do?

  15. Numerius Fabius

    I’d reccommend talking to her about it, in person. And try not to think about the boys.

  16. LavaPieFilms

    I have friends…all 10 seasons. Oh god I’m so alone T_T

  17. Hikariko11

    I’ve been doing these tips the last few years with a very important friend. We lost contact in 7. grade, though we were in the same school, but we choose different main subjects and got separated. She found a new friend in an old classmate of us, who I had a fight with. Because of that we drifted apart. When I started taking the train home we were able to walk together. Now nearly 3 years later (she:working; me:continuing school) we’re meeting constantly, calling eachother and are best friends.

  18. ariel waters

    wllcast i need help my bf was cheating on me with a girl in Germany and my bff is mad at me for somthin that happen on monday we never got in a fight like this it was 30 seconds last time HELP HELPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Olivia Dombrosky

    No friends? No Problem

  20. Jazzy Phimmasorn

    OMG thank u wellcast i really needed it becuz my friends ( group ) I needed to get information about friends

  21. Blare Catz

    What if your friend is bullying u but she acts like it never happened? She told me to go to hell

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