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One day my friend and I went to H2Oasis water-park in Alaska. After we got out of the girls’ locker, I realized I forgot my goggles and went back to get them. My friend went to go get an inner tube for the wave pool, but was supposed to wait for me. When I came out of the locker room, I saw my friend had gotten on the inner tube and was on the deep side of the pool! Just then three teen boys started pushing her off her raft. As soon as my friend fell off the raft, the waves started! My friend didn’t know how to swim and was drowning. So I pulled on my goggles and dove beneath the waves. My friend was thrashing about, desperate to get to the surface. I calmed her down and pulled the both of us to the surface. Once out of the water, I swam on my back with my friend towards shore. The lifeguard didn’t pay attention, because he was playing on his iPod. As a result my friend would have drowned if I weren’t there.

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