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For over 6 years I have volunteered at my local library in the children’s room. I love reading, and genuinely enjoy being in an environment of reading. I have known the librarians working in the Children’s room since I was born. And working there meant that we got even closer. In addition to shelving books, finding book, reading to young children, and playing puzzle games, I have gotten invited to some spectacular library event. I have gone three times and Annual Rhode Island Summer Reading Event and got to meet Kate Klise, writer of the Summer Reading book ‘Regarding the Fountain’, Grace Lin, author of the Summer Reading Book ‘Where The Mountain Meets the Moon’, and Gail Carson Levine, author of the Summer Read Book ‘Dave at Midnight’. I also took helped out in the Writing workshops at these events, as well as the Craft Stand for our library. In addition to those amazing events, I got to write and perform a skit across Rhode Island promoting the yearly Summer Reading Programs. In volunteering I have gotten to Read, Write, and Act, three of my favorite things, all while promoting reading across RI.

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