Get Rid Of Acne With Some Healthy Skin Tips

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I happened to be standing in a line behind a well-known sports woman. I found it hard not to stare at her because she looked so good. She was the picture of health. She radiated good health and fitness – her skin was glowing, her hair and eyes were shining. To look that good on the outside she had to be healthy on the inside.

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She was often seen in the media promoting a range of health foods and a healthy lifestyle. Looking at her, you had to say she practiced what she preached. Her health started from the inside. I think if I had asked her for healthy skin tips she would have told me to make sure I had a healthy body.

Eliminate White Sugar From Your Diet

If health starts from the inside then where do we start? We start by eliminating products that do not add to our good health, which means they are probably having a negative effect. Foods that have absolutely no nutritional value at all: white sugar and food heavily laden with sugar.

This means many popular breakfast cereals, many of which have up to 30 percent sugar in them. Their manufacturers claim they are healthy because vitamins have been added but in most cases the negative effect of the sugar far outweighs any positive effects of the vitamins. I know they should be good for you because they are made of grain, but all the goodness has been lost in their processing.

Eliminate White Flour From Your Diet

Another food that has lost its nutritional value is white flour and the products made from it. This means white bread, cakes and cookies. These products have a double barrel effect – too much no-nutritional sugar and low nutritional white flour. They are not only not improving our health but they are actually having a negativeeffect. They are harming our bodies.

Why won’t this food help us get rid of acne? This food breaks down into sugar quickly and easily, raising our blood sugar. The body deals with this surge of sugar by producing insulin, which is a hormone. This causes a hormone imbalance in the body and, if you are prone to acne, an acne breakout can occur.

If you have made a habit of eating this type of food, then your body is responding in the same way over and over again. So you are getting acne breakouts continually. If you give up these two foods will it cure you acne? Possibly not, but it is a good start and it should lessen the breakouts. Then you can move onto other parts of your diet by including dark green leafy vegetables to act as anti-oxidants to get rid of the toxins and other vegetables and fruit to gain nutrition.

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  1. Martin Rivera

    so a healthy diet is the key to clear skin and drinking water. i dont really buy white flour so im good there but nonetheless thanks for the post i will look more into healthy dieting

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