Garden Decorating

Garden Decorating

Garden Decorating –

it’s not just about the flowers!

Garden Decorating

Don’t you just love those gardens with clever details that set it apart from all the rest? I know I do. Props or ornaments well placed can add charm to any garden.  WELL PLACED is key. Haphazardly adding items to your garden because you were on a roll at the home furnishings store can turn your landscape into a cluttered mess.

 As a Realtor and interior/exterior designer, I provide my clients with the professional advice they need to spiff up their gardens before listing their home or after they’ve moved in. To avoid a chaotic look, I recommend choosing a theme or style and sticking with it. Here are some suggestions.  You can also e-mail me at with any questions:

A Rustic Garden
Rustic gardens are not too formal. Natural features should compliment the beauty of the garden and function to enhance the plant growth. An arbor seat is a great addition for a prairie or cottage style garden. Or, add a rustic wood bench in a relaxing spot where you would want to sit – no doubt others will too. Imagine where you would like to hang out in your garden.


A Wildlife Garden
Props and ornaments reflective of local fauna add considerable appeal to a wildlife garden―use props like birdbaths, birdhouses, and birdfeeders. A deer fencing can serve as a trellis for climbing plants like ivy. Wind chimes or painted pots can add quaint details. Just remember “less is more”.


A Southwestern Garden
A southwestern style landscape draws on both Spanish and native tradition. If your patio has a wall, I recommend painting it in shades of blue or terracotta to create the southwestern backdrop. Earthenware pots in muted desert colors and terracotta pots in all sizes or glazed are perfect decorative props to adorn the landscape.  Consider Spanish style tiles for accents and Mexican blankets to decorate patio furniture.  Viva la difference!


A Victorian Garden
The Victorians were excellent gardeners. The hallmark of a Victorian garden is manicured landscapes. From carved flowerbed edgings to wall-mounted fountains, the Victorian garden embodies great beauty through plantings and props.  Often you’ll find exquisite ornamentation: cherubic statuary, ornate stone urns, wrought iron patio sets and elaborate fountains.  If you have the acreage for it, how about a Victorian gazebo as a backyard focal point?  Ellegance is the key word here.

Most importantly, have fun creating an outdoor space that complements the style of your home and your personality.  Just take your time and choose your props carefully. Don’t underestimate the importance of curb appeal!

For Real Estate searches across the US contact me, Nora , on my website or e-mail me your questions about Real Estate at  I look forward to hearing from you!



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  1. ZooeyD

    I’d definitely go with the Victorian garden. I have a small space with some old wrought iron furniture. Thanks for the decorating tips.

    1. Nora G

      Hi ZooeyD, It doesn’t have to be big to create an inviting outdoor space with a cohesive theme. If your thinking about selling your house it can be a memorable space for potential buyers. Have fun with your project!
      Nora G

  2. Miss O Moms

    I love these gardening ideas. A garden creates such a wonderful feeling when you’re enjoying the out-of-doors.

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