Fruit and Veggies Come Alive!


Happy New Year to all!

I am sure that as we count the weeks into the New Year, many of us are well on track to keeping our promises and resolutions for a healthier lifestyle  🙂

Well, for those of us who are looking to really get our children e.g. my son into the habit of eating fruit and veggies, there’s great news.


My new book: The Story of P.O.C.O (Potato. Onion. Carrot. Orange), brings fruit and veggies alive for the young ones in a real way.

It’s a really short fun, easy-to-read picture book and I can almost bet you that after reading this book, your kids would be jumping for joy at the sight of fruit and veggies (or your money back….just kidding 😀 ). But seriously, children will love this story and the key values of friendship and the importance of fruit and veggies, would really come alive through this story.

So grab your copy today! It’s now widely available at all bookstores, Barnes and Noble and others.

Preview of The Story of P.O.C.O  is available on Youtube


Till next time,

Caritas, Linda

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