Five Fashion Staples

stylish girl, fashion staples

Five Fashion Staples Every Girl Need in Her Closet 

The best thing you can do with your style is to BE YOU! Wear what makes you feel good about yourself and what you feel comfortable in! Every girl has her own five fashion staples she can’t live without. These are mine. Comment with yours below, or post your own list!

stylish girl, fashion staples

1. School apparel I LOVE my school, and I have SO much spirit! I own sweatpants, T-Shirts, long sleeve shirts and hats with my school’s logo and mascot! Stock up in your school colors, too!

2. A cozy sweater When it gets cold, the best thing to have is a nice, warm, cozy sweater!

3. One nice, casual dress. Sometimes, it’s OK to dress up! Take out that dress and flaunt it!

4. The jersey of your favorite athlete. My favorite athlete is John Tavares on the New York Islanders. I own a TON of hockey gear! It’s fun to root for my team!

5. A T-Shirt that holds a memory. Whether it be a T-Shirt from a special event, concert or occasion, or a T-Shirt signed by your friends, it can be great to look back on and wear when you reminisce!


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