Fireworks… did they come to your town?

4th of July fireworks
Fireworks on the 4th of July

Fireworks are great to watch and I look forward to them every year. This year, however, some towns and cities cannot afford them or the “show” is much smaller.

With tax revenues down, many cities just can’t fit them into the budget.

For some towns in Massachusetts, Missouri and Texas, opting against fireworks this year has to do more with natural disasters, including floods, tornadoes and droughts, than anything else. But for many others, like Stamford, CT, it is budget cuts, not poor weather, that will inhibit the Independence Day event.

Smaller cities and towns especially lack the resources for fireworks shows. The city of Lehigh Acres, Florida has cancelled its show, as have several towns in Coachella Valley, California. In these cases, like many others, the money just wasn’t there, or needed to be used for more urgent needs, like food and financial outreach programs.

And it’s not just small towns, either. Even bigger cities like Chicago and Cincinnati can’t afford fireworks displays, which typically run from $7,500 for smaller local shows to up to millions of dollars for huge multi-day events.

For some, though, the possibility of having a fireworks display now lays in the hands of the corporations willing to sponsor them.

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