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I think sometimes I take for granted the fact that writing is perhaps a gift. Many times, I find it really easy to sit in front of my keyboard and type away – or better still, grab a pen and write away in my journal. At such times, my mind is actually so much faster than my hand that even though it seems like I’m writing at lightning speed, my hand struggles desperately to catch up with my thoughts.

On the other hand, there are times when my mind is so full and yet it’s a real struggle for me to put down a single word on paper to express my thoughts. When this happens, I begin to understand that taking a gift for granted is not the wisest thing to do. To gain inspiration, I try to settle down into a quiet place, put my hand to the distaff (as per the ‘woman of virtue’ in the Book of Proverbs) and see what I can spin. I read somewhere before a famous quote that made such a great impact on me that I’ve not forgotten it since. The quote goes as follows, “begin to spin and God will provide the thread.” It’s such a simple statement – I don’t even know who said it – but I’ve run with it ever since I laid eyes on it. True to its words, each time I apply its principle – especially when it seems like I’m running on empty, I always turn out to be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  

This is really what the experience of writing feels like – whether I’m writing a blog or a children’s fiction story or a poem or song lyrics. Before I start writing, I have a general idea of what I want to say but in many instances, how it all comes out and what it eventually turns out to become is not always as I had initially expected or anticipated.

In many ways, this experience of having one thing in mind and being able to go with the flow as it plays out in a different pattern, is an essential life skill that we need to embrace in order to live life freely and joyfully. So many times, we…especially as mothers and wives, fathers and husbands, business owners and what have you…we all have an agenda in our minds which is an exact picture of how we want life to play out. In this perfect picture, we have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s and absolutely nothing has been left to chance or destiny. So when anything on the contrary happens or tries to happen to disrupt our plans, we can be thrown into a state of panic or chaos …or both!

I don’t in any way mean to belittle anyone’s particular situation and I am a firm believer in planning, having a strategy and agenda, and executing this to the best of your ability (as I am a strategy consultant by profession…) In fact the truth is without any planning or execution strategy, the chances of success are close to nil (in my opinion anyway). But perhaps there are times when handling life’s challenges would be so much easier if we apply the famous saying, ‘let go and let God!’

I know many points in my life where I’ve hit a brick wall and not been able to see the way out. But somehow by applying the principles of these famous quotes / sayings, I’ve seen everything come together and work out so much better than I could ever have dreamed! This is exactly what happens in my soon to be released children’s book: Princess on a Mission – a man and his wife have a chance meeting to adopt a child and their love and efforts in raising the child are rewarded far beyond their wildest possible dreams!

So this is just a message of encouragement to all of us, especially in our duties of raising fantastic children and nurturing healthy, happy, blessed families.  Let us strive to be the best that we can possibly become and when it seems that that best is not good enough, then let us not be “weary in well doing” but keep the faith and believe that eventually all things would work together for our good and the good of those whom we love too.


Till next time…

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