Father’ s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Father’s Day and a lot of you out there are probably feeling the pressure because you haven’t gone shopping yet.  You’ve been really busy working and doing other things that have to get done, and you still haven’t figured out what to get for dad or where to get it.

Finding that really special gift is even more difficult when you’re shopping for the man who’s all about his style.

I think I have some perfect last-minute gifts for the stylish dad – the one who doesn’t like crazy coffee mugs, and can pass on the light-up fishing cap and soap shaped like golf balls.  This is the father who likes getting ties because he has an extensive wardrobe of suits.

When he gets ready for work in the morning, he might tuck a GQ into his messenger bag next to his Wall Street Journal, and when he gets home he likes a couple of martinis waiting for him before dinner.  This is a fashionista’s dream guy.  You can go to The Mall at Short Hills with him and he won’t want to wait in the car, and he’s definitely got the money to buy you anything you want.  He likes nice things and there’s no shame in his game.  He’s got a great job and provides well for himself and his family.

Santiago Gonzalez blue crocodile bi-fold wallet, $585, Bergdorf Goodman

He’s sure to love these finds, and they’re in stores.  It’s probably too late for you to order online at this point, but with gifts like these he’ll never know you waited until the last minute to get them.  They’re all a bit out of the ordinary as well so it’s doubtful he’s seen them someplace before or on someone else – the stylish dad will like that.

There’s a light beige denim Sperry Top-Sider Boat Oxford that you can find at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s in Short Hills for $80.  It’ll probably become his go-to shoe for summer when he’s rocking a casual look.  It comes in a variety of colors – including a blue denim that isn’t as different as beige denim, but it also won’t show dirt as easily and he can wear the blue with his jeans.


Denim Sperry Top-Sider Boat Oxford, $80, Nordstrom, Blloomingdale’s

Eddie Bauer Packhorse Rucksack, $199, Eddie Bauer store, Bridgewater Commons Mall

If he’s got a lot of stuff he likes to carry around, he can do that in style with the very manly Eddie Bauer Packhorse Rucksack, $199, available at the Eddie Bauer store at the Bridgewater Commons Mall.  I dig its rugged look – it gives the appearance that he’s already worn it in.  They also had a Packhorse Satchel for $229 – kind of the messenger bag version of the rucksack.  That one has a removable shoulder strap and he’ll love that for work, but there were only two left in the store late yesterday afternoon.

Something else I thought was a must-have for the stylish dad requires a trip across the river to Manhattan – but it’s worth it – and so is he.  This is definitely for the dad who has some bucks to hold, and you’ll need your bucks to get it for him.  It’s a blue crocodile Santiago Gonzalez bi-fold wallet that’s at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan (754 Fifth Ave.) for $585.  I know!  It was one of my favorite selections so I couldn’t resist including it.  The blue color is on and poppin’.  When he goes for his credit card, this wallet is going to get noticed.  What fashionista wouldn’t enjoy an excuse for a trip to Bergdorf’s anyway?

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