Make the most of family time this holiday season

family time

Create family time well spent. What’s the secret? We came across a few ideas from Heather Frank, USA Today, we wanted to share.

Celebrate the family chefs

Take the storytelling into the kitchen and videotape the preparation of favorite dishes. Recipes are wonderful, but watching exactly how the dishes are made ensures that culinary traditions continue year after year. YouTube makes it easy to create and share videos that include clips, photo, audio and text that can be used to document your family’s favorite foods. You can start at the grocery store, to see exactly how mom selects sweet potatoes and finish up at the table with everyone enjoying that special dish. All you need is a free YouTube account.


Make a photo book

Last summer, my husband took the kids on an Alaskan adventure. I know they had a great time, even though I wasn’t there, because he created a beautiful book with photos of the breathtaking scenery and our family being silly. As soon as the last leftovers are put away, ask everyone to send the appointed archivist their favorite photos from the holiday. You can post the photos online and consider creating photo books. Companies such as Snapfish and Shutterfly make it easy and affordable to create books and share them with the whole family – even those who were far away.

Create some new family traditions

Make a point of adding new dishes to the menu to reflect the heritage of new in-laws. It’s a fast way to make everyone feel included.

How about a homemade award ceremony (one family I know calls it “The Fammies”) that honors both achievements and the everyday good qualities of the people we love most?

Use technology to stay close all year long

Keep the good feelings going by creating a Facebook group for your family. All it takes is one family member with a free Facebook account to click on “create group” under the “groups” menu on the left side of the Facebook screen to get started.

And, you can make the group “secret,” so that only its members can see and respond to posts.

Do you have anything to add to this list. Love to hear from you.

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