Essential Vitamins For Healthy Hair

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For many, hair is an important part of their appearance. Unfortunately, some people have dry, brittle strands that have sustained a lot of damage. One of the ways to counter the effects of the damage is through the use of hair vitamin supplements. There are several vitamins that are considered hair vitamins because of how they promote optimum health. When buying these types of vitamin supplements, make sure they contain the following vitamins.

long hair, woman holding her long hair,Vitamin A helps prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle. It aids in the production of sebum. Sebum is an oil that helps to keep the scalp moist. Vitamin A has also been attributed to helping the body endure stress. For some, stress is a cause of hair loss. As an antioxidant, Vitamin A guards the hair from free radicals which can cause hair to become dry and brittle. It is recommended that people ingest 5,000 IU of this vitamin a day.

Biotin, a B-complex vitamin, is essential to healthy hair. This vitamin should be taken by people with thin and damaged hair. People who suffer from having low amounts of biotin in their bodies may experience hair loss or thinning hair. It helps to strengthen hair and increase hair growth by improving how the body processes protein, which is vital to hair health. In fact, it so key to having healthy hair it is often referred to as “Vitamin H”.


Vitamins E and B3 are also vitamins commonly found in supplements for healthy growth. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage. Vitamin E increases the circulation of blood throughout the scalp. This encourages hair growth and increases the speed at which hair grows. People should receive 400 IU or less each day to benefit from this vitamin. Vitamin B3,
also known as niacin, helps to thicken the hair and increases its glossiness and elasticity.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, helps to protect the body from free radicals. A sign of a vitamin C deficiency may include dry hair and split ends. This vitamin is also known to have positive effects for those who have alopecia and aids in the prevention of male pattern baldness.

A good diet enriched with essential vitamins is important to having healthy follicle growth. Hair supplements are an effective way to increase the daily amounts of these vitamins. Taking the vitamins as directed can help turn dry, thin hair into beautiful, healthy hair in just a few weeks.

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