Ericka Davis Shares Life Lessons Through Poetry in New Book

Ericka Davis Shares Life Lessons Through Poetry in New Book

Personal experiences shape and change lives, whether for the better or for the worse. This new book of poetry shares experiences and impressions as seen through the eyes of a young girl. With her rhythmic verse, author Ericka Davis offers stories that focus on values ranging from heartbreak and sensuality to challenges, spirituality and love. These memorable moments become the stepping stones that allowed her to reach life goals.

In Through Mine Eyes: Lifes Lessons Are Meant To Be Shared, Davis, a woman of faith, provides gentle lessons that offer guidance and reflection. The poem Fill My Cup describes things that would make life better: Fill my cup with love, hugs, kisses, family, pictures, and memorable events. Fill my cup with humor; playing, laughing and an irreplaceable good feeling that I can hold on to and grasp when I need just a touch. In Seasons, Davis describes a patient teacher: You are springtime, which nurtures new green sprouts. You encourage and lead everyone, whenever they have doubts.

The poem Bold & Beautiful offers words of encouragement: How dare you have a passion for life, a passion for people, a passion to do Gods work and worship in the steeple. Dont stop now, you are just getting started. We dont want you to be the deeply departed. We applaud and admire your courage and statue. The authors passion for her message comes through clearly. She writes, There is nothing more precious than preserving memories that mean the most, that inspire, that encourage.

Author Ericka Davis, a native of Louisiana with a bachelors degree and graduate degree in communications/broadcast journalism from Southern University, has been writing poetry for years. The educator, who has a masters degree in adult education and distance Learning from the University of Phoenix, lives in Tulsa with her family. She and her husband Jody lived in Houston for more than 13 years before moving to Tulsa. 

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Through Mine Eyes: Lifes Lessons Are Meant To Be Shared 

Ericka Davis

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2211-6

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