Enjoy walking your dog during the cooler months

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Enjoy walking your dog in this cooler time of year

The dog days of summer may be over, but now we’re left to enjoy all the pleasantries of fall: pumpkin spice, crispy leaves, and sweater weather. For your dog, though, this time of year can mean more work than fun. Weather changes bring a lot of unpleasantries for your dog: change in exercise, more baths, and excessive dangers.
Here’s a helpful list to help you and your dog through the changes, and make sure autumn is a great time of year for both you and your dog.family walking dog, walking your dog

Beware of Poisons

Cooler months tend to bring out the rodenticides, pesticides, and antifreeze.  All of these can be highly toxic to your dog, so avoid spills in parking lots and driveways, watch out for lawns/homes that have recently used rodenticides, and keep your eye out for at anything your dog is sniffing, as it could be fatal or poisonous.

Avoid Mushrooms

Fall is the season of mushroom growth. Keep an eye out for these so they stay far away from your pet’s mouth. Not all mushrooms are toxic, in fact, only about 1 percent are highly toxic. However, knowing the poisonous mushrooms from the non-poisonous is not an easy task, so as a general rule of thumb: avoid all mushrooms. Remember if your dog comes into contact with any of the dangers from above, be sure to contact your veterinarian or emergency clinic immediately.

Ease into Exercise

Just like humans, dogs should never just jump into high levels of activities, they need to ease into it. If you’ve been avoiding regular dog walks because of the hot weather, autumn can be the perfect time to get your pooch back outside. But make sure you give them time to get their muscles back up to par, start off slow and work your way up to the epic hikes in the crisp autumn air.

It’s Dark Out — Stay Visible

Autumn brings shorter days and soon you’ll be walking your dog in the dark. Make sure you and your pooch are always seen in the dark by wearing reflective collars, flashlights, leashes, harnesses, and other products.

couple-pug, walking your dogEat More — Stay Warm

Pets that exercise heavily outdoors should be given more food during the colder seasons. Food generates body heat. Make sure to have plenty of healthy treats and delicious food on hand for your dog this fall.

There’s not a much better time to get outside with your dog. Autumn is beautiful and invigorating. If you follow the tips above, you can make the most out of this season–before the really cold hits!

Source: Lucky Premium Treats

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