3 Reasons Eating Fruits and Vegetables is Key to Your Health

eat fruits and vegetable, veggies for health

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to health, eating fruits and vegetables are your best friends. Here are three great reasons why you should eat more fruits and vegetables daily.

eat fruits and vegetable, veggies for health1- It Reduces Stroke Risk

Stroke remains a fourth leading cause of death in United States (Link 1). According to a recent research by American Heart Association (Link 2) revealed that stroke risk reduces by 32 percent on eating 200 gram of fruits daily. Similarly, a 200 gram daily vegetable consumption was found to decrease the risk of stroke by 11 percent.

2- It Increases Longevity

Fruits and vegetables can also prove helpful in reducing mortality risk. Research published by British Medical Journal (Link 3) found that the risk of early death from all causes decreases by five percent with each additional daily serving of fruits and vegetables. It was further suggested that having five portions of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis may be sufficient in reducing mortality risk from all causes.

3- It Helps Quit Smoking

Eating more fruits and vegetables may actually help you quit smoking. Researchers at University at Buffalo found that smokers who consume more fruits and vegetables do not only smoke few cigarettes daily but are more likely to quit smoking. Jeffery Haibach, one of the researcher involved in the study, explained that “Foods like fruit and vegetables may actually worsen the taste of cigarettes.”
Of the 42.1 million US adult smokers in 2012, 78.4 percent smoked cigarettes everyday (Link 4). So, if you’re trying to reduce or quit smoking, increasing your daily fruits or vegetables intake may help you out.


Helpful links

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  1. Miss O Moms

    Love fruits and veggies. I always make sure that 80% of my plate is veggies, no matter what! Makes a huge difference in the way I feel. Thanks for writing this article Makes a lot of sense.

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