8 Ways that ‘Eating Clean’ Becomes an Eating Disorder?

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Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with healthy foods.

In the age of raw food diets and Instagramming each of your meals as you #eatclean, it’s becoming increasingly common—and dangerous eating disorder.

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For years I have lived asking myself these questions: Have you thought about your food? Have you thought about the virtue of it—how healthy it is and how it will look on Instagram? And since we are on the topic, what does your food say about you? Does it tell the world you are clean and virtuous? Or is that stack of fluffy Sunday morning pancakes a gentle reminder that you know how to have fun, too? I have thought about all of this extensively, and it has been hell.

My only comfort has come from knowing other people have asked themselves these questions, too. Popular Instagram account @youdidnoteatthat—famous for mocking the notion that Instagram models and personalities are actually consuming the food they post meticulously edited photos of—didn’t just get a hundred thousand followers because no one is thinking about what we’re saying with our food.

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