Easy and Inexpensive Home-Made Gift Ideas


About 3 weeks ago I started wondering about buying gifts this year and as exciting as the thought was, the worry of getting enough money really got to me! I started researching cool and elegant home-made gifts for mom or an older sister that are also easy to make, in-style and inexpensive. Here is an idea:

Mom or Older sister:


Salts (epsom salt or seasalt is good but normal table salt can also be used)

Essential Oils (veg/cook oil will do if you can’t get essential oils)

Jar: any jar, ones that are drab are good as you can get all creative and elegant!

Flavourant and scent: Lavender oils is good (You can improvise with extracts like vanilla, almond or peppermint essence if you like)

Lavender Cosmetics

Simple plantation: a rose for a pink and rose flavoured bathsalt is good! Or a mint leave for a peppermint flavoured bathsalt. Place your plant or flower however you like.

Hint: You can add food colouring to change to a more preferable colour.

Its a easily improvised recipe/gift, TRY IT!

Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, Toughgal

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