Drug Muggers-READ you’ll be in shock

 The definition, according to Suzy Cohen of a drug mugger is a drug that mugs you from your natural minerals and vitamins in your body. This book is something that everyone in the whole entire universe should read because it informs you about things that you simply brush by everyday.

 Unpleasant, uncomfortable, and unexplained side effects? Drug Muggers is your side effect solution.

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs help millions of people with devastat-ing diseases and chronic conditions. But in the process, these medications can also deplete the body’s natural stores of vitamins, minerals, and hormones—the very nutrients you need to keep energy levels high, fend off infections, and be healthy. Pharmacist Suzy Cohen calls these medications “drug muggers,” and she says it’s essential to replenish what a drug mugger steals from your body in order to feel your best and avoid side effects. Not understanding the drug-mugging effect may lead to new “diseases” and possibly catastrophic health con-sequences.
Drug-muggers-bookYou’ll discover:
• How to relieve uncomfortable or potentially serious side effects
• How to remain compliant with your medication and still feel well
• Which foods and drinks to avoid if you take certain medications
• How to install a nutrient security system with vitamins, minerals, and food choices
• Improve your energy levels
• Learn which minerals you need if you take heartburn medicine
• Improve digestion and relieve constipation with a simple nutrient
• Discover the antioxidant you must have to save your heart
• Get your hair and nails to grow faster by replenishing nutrients
• Find out which vitamins and minerals are the purest and highest quality
• Learn which vitamins outperform medications in some cases
Drug Muggers is an eye-opener! It reveals why you may be feeling so poorly and how to improve your well-being with affordable nutrients that are sold over the counter. You can (and will) improve the way you feel—whether or not you take medicine!


     So simple like taking vitamins in the morning verses the night, or what foods go with or bad with certain medicine. Even if you don’t take any particular medicine you should read this book because it gives you much insight about health and nutrition, and will ideally change the way you think about yourself. If you do take medicine my suggestion is even higher than high because it will help SO MUCH.

     I believe in the domino affect with everything in life and very much so relating to medicine or anything of some intake, even food. Something makes you feel that way, and its so simple. Those crazy thoughts of, ‘Oh my gosh my stomach hurts I have an ulcer’ will diminish once you read this book. Read the summary, I think she’s a genius, and it makes sense. The most seemingly complicated things are really easy and simply answered by the obvious which is always blinded because of the intense/different feelings from this that draw ridiculous conclusions..


*** READ THE WHOLE BOOK! Don’t skip around reading what only applys to you, because you need to get a grasp and an understanding of the WHOLE picture of health inside your body. 

My only warning is don’t after reading this book diagnosis yourself with every issue and become obsessive. It’s a book not to scare you but to inform you, so after reading it instead of being scared because of the things that can be of result of, say I’m glad I’ve finally learned this. Its better to start change then never change at all. 

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  1. Percilla

    wow ! I thought i was the only one who believed in the ‘domino’ theory.. interesting book my friend actually gave it to me to read a few months ago and i’ve skipped around..(whops sorry!) but its on my bucket list to read for the summer– i’ll let you know what i think!!!

    thanks for reminding me

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