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The last few months for me have been pretty awesome and FULL ON! In between looking after my sweet, darling, adorable (now 4 months old) baby girl, and her older siblings (though one is not much older ;-0), I’ve launched my own publishing business and project managed the creation and delivery of 4 new book titles to be released in December. I guess the number is actually 5, when I include the revised edition of my first book: Tomy the Dreamer, which I have now made available on Kindle.  Download Tomy the Dreamer here.

It’s been a busy, trying, hectic time…sometimes, whom am I kidding, many times, during these months, I have looked at my desire to keep writing and publishing stories for kids and questioned the purpose of it all. You see, it’s not that I don’t love writing these stories, but like all else, when the going gets tough, you almost want to quit and invest your time in something that would be much easier or less stressful.

But at such points, it’s actually taken the grace of God, to gently focus me on the true purpose of it all. I’ve spoken in my previous blog about giving kids, the ability to Dream, Believe and Live…this truly has been my heart’s desire and continues to be my driving force till this day.

So as my publishing company, officially launches some of our new titles in December, this is the main focus of our stories…

Our stories serve to inspire our children and encourage them that: they can do all things!

I’ve always been a dreamer. But, when I was in high school, I read a book (an African literature) titled: The Stillborn (by Zaynab Alkali). The book was the story of two young girls, growing up in rural Africa – both of whom had high and lofty dreams of city life. As time progressed, the two friends parted their separate ways and took their own paths to life. Many years later, they were reunited and had the opportunity to reassess their childhood dreams. The main character of the story who was the big dreamer, ironically had taken a detour from her dreams and was living a life that was less than pleasant… Her friend on the other hand, was doing very well and living her dreams. The book ended with a discourse from the main character to her friend where she told her that: it is well to dream, some dreams are birthed, some aborted, and others are still born.

The still born dreams she narrated are those that are only dreamt but never lived…

Being a big time day dreamer then, the story plot of this young girl turned woman with still born dreams, shook me to the core and I made the decision that by God’s grace, none of my dreams will be still born.

So, as I launch my new range of stories under my new publishing company Bluewater Hebron Books, I pray that I inspire all children who have the chance to read any of our stories, to DREAM BIG, BELIEVE BIGGER and LIVE FULLY.


Thanks for reading, you’re much appreciated!

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